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China Conveyor Disc brake Avatar
China Conveyor Disc brake
Created by momu311 on Dec, 4 2018 with 1 Members

1.Introduction YPZ2 IV.V.VI Series Electro-Hydraulic Disc Brakes(with type ED electrohydraulic thruster) ● Original: He Nan, China ● Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, TX, EX, MA etc ● Packing: export standard ● Disc thickness(mm):20 or 30 ● Operating Condition" Ambient temperature: -20°C~+50°C ; ● Relative humidity:≤90%; ● Power:AC 3 phases 50(60)Hz ● Voltages: 380~400V 50Hz 440~460V 60Hz ● Operating duty: intermittent (S3-60%.1200times per hour)and continuous (S1). ● Special requirements can be discussed in order. 2.Application: YPZ2 Series Electro-hydraulic Disc Brakes are advanced products with high performance and multiple functions.They are maintenance-friendy due to advavance functions applied on them such as automatic shoe clearance balancing and wear-self compensation device.Various limit switches can provide interlocking protection signal to main machinery PLC.They fit very well for decelerating and stop/braking large-scale modern machines such as loading and unloading machinery,lifting and transporting machinery,metallurgy equipment and mining equipment. 3.Main Feature: ● The overall shape of the structure brake pads mounted on the card, the replacement is very convenient, fast, with semi-metallic (asbestos-free) of hard and semi-rigid, soft (including asbestos, asbestos-free), the braking of different materials pad for the user to select. ● Interlocking shoe clearance balancing device and shoe auto-aligning device constantly equalize the clearance of brake shoes on both sides and make adjustment unnecessary,completely avoiding brake lining one side sticking to brake wheel; ● Braking by spring power; ● Lifting by thruster; ● Brake torque adjustable; ● Brake closes in case of power failure (Fail-Safe Principle); 4.Standards compliant: ● They are equipped with Ed series thrusters which comply with DIN15430 standard. 5.Options and accessoires (selection): ● Enclosed spring tube protects spring from damage and contamination ● Brake torque adjustable, brake torque scale in Nm-segments for coefficient of friction µ = 0,4 ● automatic wear adjustment (M); ● brake lining riveted and/or bonded; ● different lining qualities and different coefficients of friction are available; ● limit switches and monitoring devices for(K1 or K2); ● brake indication (open/closed), residual stroke, brake lining wear etc (K3); ● manual lifting (S1 or S2). Type of operation: ●Electro-hydraulically ●Hydraulically ●Pneumatically ●Manually ●Other types of operation, on request: 6.Specifications/Technical parameters ●Technical data and dimensions of YPZ2 IV series disc brakes Thruster typeDimensions (mm) H1H2H3H4b2dfgh1i1i2k2A1A2n1n2p1p2VqnC2C1Xt Ed 23/561240034050056142302701608015010020819852401331302001415602158020 Ed 30/5 Relative Dimensions of brake discTechnical data Disc diameterb1D2D3EK1SThrusterDisc DiameterWeight (kg) 250280315355400450500 2502020011098610.9±0.2Thruster typePower (W)Reted Current(A)Max.Brake torque µ = 0,4 28020230140113760.9±0.2Ed 23/51650.5220023026030034539544571 31520260170130930.9±0.2Ed 30/52000.4628031035541047054061075 355203002101501130.9±0.2 1. s=Brake clearance. 2. d3=Max.allowable coupling or hub diameter. 3. Average friction factor of standard friction materials. 400203452551731350.9±0.2 450203953051971600.9±0.2 500204453552221850.9±0.2 ●Technical data and dimensions of YPZ2 V series disc brakes Thruster typeDimensions (mm) H1H2H3H4b2dfgh1i1i2k2A1A2n1n2p1p2VqnC2C1Xt Ed 50/611005374746457518330360230145145130275228901101651772542518802609535 Ed 80/6 Relative Dimensions of brake discTechnical data Disc diameterb1D2D3EK1SThrusterDisc DiameterWeight (kg) 355400450500560630 35530275155137.572.50.9±0.2Thruster typePower (W)Reted Current(A)Max.Brake torque µ = 0,4 40030320200160950.9±0.2Ed 50/62100.489351085125514251630187097 450303702501851200.9±0.2Ed 80/63301.42 16001850210024002750104 500304203002101450.9±0.2 1. s=Brake clearance. 2. d3=Max.allowable coupling or hub diameter. 3. Average friction factor of standard friction materials. 560304803602401750.9±0.2 630305504302752100.9±0.2 ●Technical data and dimensions of YPZ2 VI series disc brakes Thruster typeDimensions (mm) H1H2H3H4b2dfgh1i1i2k2A1A2n1n2p1p2VqnC2C1Xt Ed 121/6150069963683510827390430280180180160285265102140210195260222010833012035 Ed 201/6 Ed 301/6 Relative Dimensions of brake discTechnical data Disc diameterb1D2D3EK1SThrusterDisc DiameterWeight (kg) 45050056063071080090010001100 45030350170175950.9±0.2Thruster typePower (W)Reted Current(A)Max.Brake torque µ = 0,4 500304002402001200.9±0.2Ed 121/63301.44270031003550410047005400 560304603002301500.9±0.2Ed 201/64501.45430050005750660076008800 630305303702651850.9±0.2Ed 301/65501.46 97001120012800147001650018150 710306104503052250.9±0.2 1. s=Brake clearance. 2. d3=Max.allowable coupling or hub diameter. 3. Average friction factor of standard friction materials. 800307005403502700.9±0.2 900308006404003200.9±0.2 1000309007404503700.9±0.2 11003010008405004200.9±0.2 7.FAQ 1. Are you a manufacturer, trading company or a third party? We are a manufacturer, and we have builded up our company since 2004. 2. Where is your factory located? Our factory address is: Weizhuang industrial Park Changyuan County Xinxiang City, Henan Province, China. 3. How can i get to your factory? Our factory is near zhengzhou Airport, we can pick you up in the airport. 4. If i will need to stay in your place for few days, is that possible to book the hotel for me? It's always my pleasure, hotel booking service is available. 5. What is your minimum order quantity, can you send me samples? Our minimum quantity is 1 set, as our product is machinery equipment, it's difficult to send you samples, however, we can send you catalog, warmly welcome you to come visit our company. 6. Which level of quality are your products? We have got ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, TX, EX, MA etc certificate so far. 7. What is the delivery time of your machine? In general, the delivery time of our machine is about 7 days, customized machine will be delivered as the negotiation with our clients. 8. Can the machine be customized as our need, such as put on our logo? Surely our machine can be customized as your need, Put on your logo is also available. 9. As the shipping period will take long time, how can you make sure the machine won't be broken? Our machine is film wrapped, to make sure the machine can be delivered to our customer smoothly, we will use the steel wire to fix the machine with the container. 10. May i know which payment will be accepted by your company? So far 100%T/T before shipment, and 30% deposit paid by T/T, balance paid by L/C are available. 11. About the after-sale service, how can you solve the problems occurred of your overseas customer in time? The warranty of our machine is normally 12 months, during this period, we will arrange the international express immediately, to make sure the replace parts to be delivered as soon as possible. 12. After we placing an order, will you arrange the installation of the machine at present? All the machines will be tested well before delivered, so almost of them can be used directly, also our machine are easy to be installed, if you customer needs our assistance, we will be pleased to arrange the installation, but all the cost will be be charged by you. 13. How can i get the after-service? A: We will send you the spare parts by free if the problems caused by us. If it is the men-made problems,we also send the spare parts,however it is charged. Any problem, you can call us directly. 14.How can i trust your company? With 20-years-professional design, we can provide you suitable suggestion and lowest price 1. Assessed by third party, national patents and ISO for all equipment. 2. For our machine, we do very well on belt transport,port handling, hoisting, metallurgical, mining and building machinery.. 15.Is your price competitive? Only good quality machine we supply. Surely we will give you best factory price based on superior product and service. 8.Please feel free to send us your detailed requirements, you would be satisfied with our service.China Conveyor Disc brake website:

high PWM Charge Mode Solar Charge Controller Avatar
high PWM Charge Mode Solar Charge Controller
Created by bans233 on Sep, 30 2018 with 1 Members

PWM controller for solar system 1.Product introduction of the PWM controller for solar system 50A PWM solar charge controller with digital display, it adopts different charge way based on different batteries and environment, LCD display with 4 bottoms to change different screens, it has double solar panel inputs applied and the bottom aluminum radiation make properly. 2.Product parameter (specification) of PWM controller for solar system ModelENS12/24-50D System voltage12/24V auto. switch Max. charging current50A Charge modePWM Max. PV input voltage16-30/32-48V Float charge13.8/27.6V(default) Bulk charge14.9/29.8V(default) Equalization charge14.6/29.2V(default) LCD displayBattery voltage; PV charge current; Load discharge current; total PV charge Ah; total PV discharge Ah; the setting of constant voltage charging; the setting of low voltage disconnect; the setting of low reconnect Battery typeGel, AGM, other Lead acid battery Warranty24 months Dimension17.2*12.6*7.5cm N.W/unit770g PackingGift box; 18pcs/16.8Kgs/CTN; 41.5*40*27 cm Packing list1 * 50A Solar charge controller; 1 * User Manual; 3.Product feature and application of PWM controller for solar system 12/24 automatic recognition. High efficient series PWM charging, increase the battery lifetime and improve the solar system performance. Use OSFET as electronic switch, without any mechanical switch. Gel and lead acid sealed battery type optional. 4.FAQ 1: What is the difference between PWM and MPPT charge controller? PWM charge controllers rely on an older technology. These controllers work to match the voltage from the solar panels to battery's voltage by pulling down the panel's voltage, in doing so, it lowers the efficiency of the energy to about 80% of the theoretical maximum. MPPT is a newer technology designed for extracting maximum energy from the solar panel, by maintaining the highest possible voltage from the panel. It can achieve high efficiency rate of 98%." 2: How is your quality? CARSPA has successful implemented ISO9001 and a strict quality control process throughout the production process. In addition, we use ATE testing equipment for testing and we keep test data for as long as 5 years. 3: What is your regular package? Our regular package is color box or brown box, then packaged in cartons. 4: Your price is high. What is the best price you can offer? First, our products have exceptional quality by using high quality components. Second, our prices are actually very competitive. Third, we are confident that once you have evaluated our products closely, you will find it worth every penny. 5: What is your MOQ? Different products, different models have different MOQ. Usually 100pcs for inverters and chargers, 200pcs for controllers. 6: How about the payment and shipment? Payment: We accept T/T, Western Union,Paypal etc. terms of payment. Shipment: For sample order, we use DHL, TNT, FEDEX, EMS and other express; for batch order, by sea or air( through our forwarder). high PWM Charge Mode Solar Charge Controller website:

wholesale LED Mini Flood Light Avatar
wholesale LED Mini Flood Light
Created by aawdd123 on Oct, 17 2018 with 1 Members

Our Factory It covers an area of 10,000㎡ totally, including an area of 500㎡ for experimental base. JIWEI company is certificated Provincial high-tech enterprise and awarded "national key support of new and high technology enterprises". And JIWEI invested a lot of manpower and material resources on R&D. On the one side, the laboratory is equipped with complete related test equipment, including EMC testing equipment for electronic and power electronic products, a full set of photoelectric parameters testing equipment for LES light source and LED lamps. On the other side, the laboratory is equipped with professional testing team. JIWEI brings together a number of professional and technical personnel who engaged in power electronic product design, development, testing for many years. A strong R&D team can ensure the reliability and professional of product researching and development. In order to enlarge our capabilities of R&D, JIWEI carries out the close technical cooperation with the Shanghai university, Zhejiang university, Huazhong science and technology university, Zhejiang university of electronic science and technology and so on well-known colleges and universities scientific research institutes. Through the academic communication, it can open up a broader picture of product technology and market development in the future. Our Product We specialize in production and sale of various power electronics and LED light. Power electronics include frequency converter, servo system, LED power supply and micro electronics control system. LED lights include LED flood light, LED street light, LED high bay and customized products. Product Application Our LED lights are mainly used as outdoor lights: Bridge, building, tunnel, park, garden, leisure square, street, advertising board, stage, and other public places of lighting and landscaping.wholesale LED Mini Flood Light website:

Customized Children's Orthotic Insoles Avatar
Customized Children's Orthotic Insoles
Created by pati520tia on Oct, 29 2018 with 1 Members

1.Product Specification of the Pronation Orthotic Insoles Model: 592 Main Material:Blue Velvet + White Soft Eva + Black punched rigid Rubber for supporting SIZE:U.S. KID'S 3# - 2# EU: 18 - 34# MOQ: 1000prs 2.Product Introduction of the Pronation Orthotic Insoles It can help youngsters develop proper balance and alignment. As the youngsters' bodies rapidly grow, the inserts will help foster healthy biomechanics and an overall active lifestyle. Wear-moldable Arch Supports. Biomechanical Tri-Planar Motion technology stabilizes and realigns your feet. Clinically proven to minimize pronation. Align your little one’s lower limb bone structure into proper position. Protects from shock and promotes energy return with every step. If you want to know more about the product, please log in to E - mail contact us.Customized Children's Orthotic Insoles website:

Carton Packing Machine Manufacturer Avatar
Carton Packing Machine Manufacturer
Created by pati520tia on Oct, 29 2018 with 1 Members

Product name:Different nameDescription and Pic Carton wrapping machinePE film wrapping machine PET bottle packing machine for beverage This equipment is adopted the server location, PLC control, automatic operation, mainly rotation driven by imported motor, all levels of rotation speed is adjusted by chain and sprocket. Its high degree of automation, reliable control, simple adjustment, intelligent operation, etc., are widely used in beverages, beer, chemical industry, food, pharmaceutical and other industries. This machine adopts the high quality stainless steel and aluminum, electrical starting system adopts imported components, such as SMC cylinder, German Siemens PW system and gear motor, NORSON hot melt adhesive machine, SICK sensors, France RE contactor, equipment failure rate is low, less maintenance, high reliability. Main parameter Output: 20 packs per minute Power: 10KW, 220V/3PHASE/60HZ Control power: 24V DV Air compressor: 1500L/Min,0.6-0.8MPA Hot melt solidify time: 1.5-2S Weight: 3500KG Size: L6285*W2582*H2115MM Standard spray Machine frame is processed by 2.5 SAZ blasting, in accordance with SIS specifications, and through the solvent removal of oil In 160 degree oven for two kinds of color powder spraying, spraying color: Blue (optional) Frame: Blue(optional) sliding door: gray(optional) Configuration: Main switch: TE company Panel button: D22MMTE company Mechanical limit switch: TE company Proximity switch: Schneider - Germany Photoelectric switch: Bonner - the United States Controller: Schneider Asynchronous motor: domestic high quality brand Servo motor: Schneider. Gear motor: ABB- Sweden Servo controller: Schneider Frequency converter: MITSUBISHI - Japan Hot melt machine: America Cylinder: AIRTAC Electromagnetic valve: AIRTACCarton Packing Machine Manufacturer website:

SOP Powder price Avatar
SOP Powder price
Created by pati520tia on Oct, 29 2018 with 1 Members

EO Farming is engaged in developing agrochemicals, fertilizers, public health, fine chemicals international markets and getting good marketing channels. As a leading formulator and provider, we are dedicated to establish long-term cooperation with our customers and provide high quality product and professional services. We enlarge our market in more and more regions and countries such as Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Africa, Latin America etc. Manufacture base and research & development center can guarantee the product quality and keep the sustained product innovations, so we can provide customization services and product registration assistance to the customers all over the world. The logistics company self-run by Bosman makes sure the timely & safety shipment, and the professional logistics management can reduce the delivery costs for customers. With more than ten years experience in manufacturing and exporting chemicals, we can provide you with one stop for purchasing, providing service, including logistic, custom clearance, testing, label design and others, and we aims at providing the excellent service, good quality product, and competitive price to make more opportunities for our customer, and fulfill win-win cooperation. And we always welcome our customers worldwide to visit us and audit our factory. Our Service 1. Pre-sales service ♦You can inquire samples before purchasing, most products can supply from stock. ♦Our company is very strict in quality control, most of our customers are very satisfied with our quality, and repeat order all the time. 2. Fast response and professional service ♦Your inquiry will be replied within 24 hours, even weekends or holidays. ♦Provide professional using guide and registeration service. ♦OEM is accptable. 3. Rich exporting experience of Agrochemicals ♦We have over ten years exporting experience, can help you choose the most safety transportation method, and prepare full set of documents for customs-clearance. ♦4. After-sales service ♦Tracking your goods till received it, if any problems during the shipment, we will contact with the shipping company and solve it in time. ♦We're responsible for the product quality. ♦Providing professional technical information and service to all of our customers.SOP Powder price website:

Nonwoven Shopping Bag Avatar
Nonwoven Shopping Bag
Created by pati520tia on Oct, 29 2018 with 1 Members

Product NameNonwoven Shopping Bag With Pocket Foldable SizeCustomized ColorCustomized LogoCustomized MaterialNonwoven Place Of OriginLiaoning, China Folded nonwoven bag (also known as non-woven fabric folding bag) is a kind of non-woven bag that can be folded into a purse. Easy to carry and become a trend in shopping bags. Advantages: 1.The top-grade bottom corner. 2.Hold three stitches per centimeter. 3.First - class fork technology. 4.Excellent film covering technique, clear picture Non-woven fabric is a new generation of environmental materials, with strong, breathable waterproof, environmental protection, flexible, non-toxic and tasteless, and low price and other advantages. It is a new generation of environmental protection material, which has the characteristics of water-repellent, breathable, flexible, non-combustible, non-toxic, non-irritating and colorful. If the material is placed in the outdoor natural decomposition, the longest life expectancy is only 90 days, in the interior decomposition in eight years, when burning non-toxic, tasteless, and without any material left, so as to not pollute the environment, so called environmental protection. Suitable for agricultural film, footwear, leather, mattresses, lash, decoration, chemical industry, printing, automotive, building materials, furniture and other industries, and clothing lining cloth, medical disposable gown, mask, cap, sheet, hotel disposable table cloth, beauty, sauna is still to today's fashion gift bag, boutique bags, shopping bags, advertising bags, etc. Environmental products widely used and have economic benefits. We have two kinds of production process for Nonwoven Shopping Bag. Return pin: cross back and back of the handle and bag with the back of the bag (only the sewing bag). After the injection, the load will be increased by about 2 kg. Fork: handle the butterfly fork (all bags are available) at the junction of the hand and the bag. The load will be increased by about 5 kg after the forked and strengthened 1. Standard exporting package 2. Original package or neutral package 3. We use cartons or poly bags 4. Package size is based on actual weight and volume or Customized. 5. Various modes of transportation 6. Usually deliver goods in 10-15 days after payment or delivery time depends on order amount Q: Where is your factory located? How can I visit there? A: Our factory is located in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, China, about 10 minutes from Shenyang train station and 1 hour from Shenyang airport. It’s very convenient. Q: What is the material. A: The material is nonwovens. We can also choose material as the customers’ required. Q: How many colors? A: Around 40 different non woven fabric colors are available. Or tell us the pantone No., we can customize making fabric for you. Q: Normally there are how many ways of logo printing? A: Silk screen printing, heat transfer printing, gravure printing.Nonwoven Shopping Bag website:

Rake Dryer design Avatar
Rake Dryer design
Created by pati520tia on Oct, 29 2018 with 1 Members

Quick Details Condition: New Type: Rake Dryer Place of Origin: Wuxi, China (Mainland) Brand Name: HUABANG Voltage: Design for different country Power(W): 3.2kw - 12kw Dimension(L*W*H): 3100*1600*2400mm Weight: 3000kg Warranty: One Year After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas Application: Chemical, food, pharmacutical industy Material: Stainless Steel Capacity: 500-5000Lliter Heating source: Steam, electricity, gas, Raw material: heat sensitivity raw material Installation: Engineer's Guidance Application The vacuum rake drying machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, dyes, powder metallurgy and other industries powder, granular (including crystal) material drying. Particularly suitable for dry heat-sensitive materials. Structure Description The dryer vacuum degree can reach above -0.092Mpa, the solvent (including water)of a variety of materials can be quickly evaporated in the vacuum and low temperature conditions, to get the purpose of accelerating drying. There is a stirrer with paddle remove materials on hot surface and move in the container to form cycle flow. The evaporated moisture will be pumped by vacuum pump. The dryer body was in cylinder shape. The configuration include material inlet, vacuum entrance and steam inlet and outlet ( the upper part was steam inlet , the lower part was steam outlet when heating source was steam), in the lower part there are same size of the nozzle. The body is divided into three layers, the middle jacket heating medium can be steam, insulation layer for the ultra-fine glass wool, good insulation. The material was turning over and over through the rake teeth and being heated by the inner wall , the middle jacket transfer the heat and increase the drying speed in the vacuum status, avoid the raw material surface of being changed yellow phenomenon., reduce working time and save cost. Especially suitable for the heat-sensitive materials. Features The vacuum rake drying machine is simple to operate, easy control the material, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers, also reduce the material pollution in the drying process at the same time. 1.The reducer: the reducer installed in the right side of the machine. The motor was driven by the pulley and the V-belt to the gear unit, the spindle rotation to the rake teeth, and finally the cylinder rotated and get speed of 6~ 10 r / min. 2.The motor base device: The motor was mounted on the right side of the activity board, can be adjusted up and down, so that the V-belt tight fit. 3.Electrical control device (EU standard): All the electrical control, buttons, lights are installed in the control box, the operation can be controlled based on the panel text instructions. The positive and the reversing rotating direction of the stirring shaft can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the material. Generally, it can be controlled in about 5 minutes (ie, after stopping for 5 minutes, then reversing for 5 minutes). 4.Vacuum tube: Used to extract the cylinder evaporation’s solvent (or water) . In the inlet side with a filter, should be covered with filter cloth to prevent the material out. 5.Sealed structure: The spindle at both ends are sealed with PTFE , sealed in a vacuum to achieve a good sealing effect. 6.The mixing shaft with stainless steel thick-walled tube, rake arm rake teeth are made of stainless steel seamless stainless steel plate. Rake board was PTFE plated, scraping the sticky material. Applicable Materials Slurry: all kinds of pigments, muddy materials/soda detergent, alkali/ash, etc. Paste: Filtered/starch, dye/clay, etc. The following 100 items: Centrifuge filters and / pigments, clay / cement, etc.Rake Dryer design website:

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